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Fancy a private immersive light, sound and visual art experience?

We offer a variety of fulldome entertainmentedutainment and educational experiences in our range of different size inflatable indoor domes. Our tiny 4m dome can even be installed in a large room in a private home.

'Fulldome' is a shared immersive experience that fills a dome with real-time computer imagery and 360° video content.

What type of private events can our digital domes enhance and complement?


  • corporate entertainment
  • company anniversaries
  • staff parties
  • conferences & exhibitions
  • product launches & promotions
  • bespoke, experimental events


Personal / Cultural

Don't forget fundraising! ie. rent a dome and charge an entry ticket as a fundraising initiative. Libraries, schools and community groups do this regularly and very successfully.

HIRE COSTS [equipment + operator + unlimited shows from the world's largest fulldome catalogue]. No VAT to pay.

  • 7m inflatable dome (photo and diagram)
    • Half day (3hrs) = £550 + travel
    • Full day (6hrs) = £850 + travel
    • capacity (sitting on floor): up to 70 small children or 40 adults or 45 mixed or 10 small wheelchair users or 6 large wheelchair users
    • capacity (lying down): up to 30 adults or 45 mixed
    • large bean bags: 25 maximum
    • requires an indoor floor space 7.6 x 7.6m with 4.2m high ceiling

  • 6m inflatable dome
    • Half day (3hrs) = £500 + travel
    • Full day (6hrs) = £650 + travel
    • capacity (sitting on floor): up to 45 small children or 20 adults or 25 mixed or 6 small wheelchair users or 4 large wheelchair users
    • requires an indoor floor space 6.6 x 6.6m with 3.7m high ceiling

  • 5m inflatable dome (photo and diagram)
    • Half day (3hrs) = £450 + travel
    • Full day (6hrs) = £600 + travel
    • capacity: up to 30 small children or 10-12 adults or 20 mixed
    • requires an indoor floor space 6 x 6m with 3.3m high ceiling

  • 4m inflatable dome (photo)
    • Half day (3hrs) = £400 + travel
    • Full day (6hrs) = £550 + travel
    • capacity: up to 20 small children or 8-10 adults or 15 mixed
    • requires an indoor floor space 4.5 x 4.5m with 2.7m high ceiling


    • return travel costs are charged at 45p per mile.
    • there is no VAT to pay.
    • we do travel to greater London, but only for Full Day 7m dome bookings (or with a smaller dome, but at the same price). This applies to any location approx. three hours drive from Bristol.
    • prices are for standard business hours (8am - 6pm). Bookings extending after 6pm are charged an extra £50 per hour.
    • audiences sit / lie on the floor, so customers are encouraged to provide soft flooring. For an extra charge we can bring our foam floor tiles.
    • depending on the venue, for safety reasons an assistant may be required outside the dome at all times. If customers cannot provide such an assistant, we can do so for £9 per hour.

Excerpt from The Search Engine by DJ Food (in a 7m dome)

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