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Fund Your Visit

Fund Your Visit

FundEd may be able to help you fund your planetarium visit

To apply, download and complete this form and email it to FundEd (email address in the form). To learn more about our partnership with FundEd see our Fundraising Support Guide.

NOTE: please only make a booking with us AFTER you have secured funding.

Go here for regional local grants and support available to schools [not only for planetarium visits]
Below are seasonal updates of various types of funding available to schools nationally [not only for planetarium visits]
Spring 2024 -   Grant funding opportunities to begin the new year
Autumn 2023 -   Five grants for capital funding to improve school facilities


Additional planetarium visit funding possibilities

1. Grants For Schools
       resource by UK business A&S Landscape
A listing of over 70 providers that award funding to UK schools. Also contains a range of free resources to help you secure funds for your school, including a free Writing Successful Grant Applications guide.

Supports and Grants
       by the Institute of Physics, the Science & Technology Facilities Council and the Institution of Engineering & Technology
Designed for schools and colleges to run projects or events linked to the teaching / promotion of physics. Projects involving astronomy, space and particle physics are particularly encouraged. Therefore our 2-in-1 Performance with the UK-made immersive films like We Are Astronomers and We Are Aliens, or the European Space Agency films such as Journey to a Billion Suns and From Earth to the Universe, would be eligible for funding.

3. Spark Awards for Public Engagement
       by the Science & Technology Facilities Council (STFC) and UK Research and Innovation
Search for 'Spark Awards' to find the most current funding round. Awards are available for school projects capitalising on the inspirational value of
STFC science & technology areas such as astronomy, astrophysics, cosmology, particle physics and space, solar & planetary science. Therefore, our 2-in-1 Performance with UK-made immersive films like We Are Astronomers and We Are Aliens (both STFC funded) or solar physics films such as Sunstruck and Solar Quest or even the cosmology films Phantom of the Universe and DARKwould be eligible for funding.

4. British Science Week Grants Scheme
       by the British Science Association
Grants up to £300 are available for schools to run an activity during British Science Week. A number of schools have successfully funded a visit by Immersive Theatres using this scheme in the past. O
ur 2-in-1 Performance with any one of a selection of over 250 immersive science films is an easy candidate for funding.

5. Scientific Outreach Grants
       by the Biochemical Society
Grants are available for engagement activities aiming to increase participation in the molecular biosciences at school level and beyond. Activities designed to inspire interest in the molecular sciences can include screening of our 360° immersive films Wake Up and Smell the Coffee, Cell! Cell! Cell! and The Body Code

6. UK Education Sponsorship Database
      by Ltd.
List your school and / or project on the national database used by funders looking for educational initiatives to support.

7. Local Businesses
      within your community 
Ask for support for your planetarium event by approaching local businesses for sponsorship eg.
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