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Customer Feedback 2015

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Feedback after 65 Year 1 & 2 students enjoyed travelling into Space inside a 6m digital planetarium:

"We really enjoyed the planetarium visit! The children were amazed and were so excited to see all of the different planets"

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Pierrepont Gamston Primary
Dec 2015

Visitor comments after enjoying the 360° film Journey To Infinity in a 6m digital planetarium at the Redmoor Academy Big Bang Fair 2015:

"It felt magical learning about all the different planets and galaxies. I loved it"

"Very inspiring for all ages. Please keep this every year. Thank you"

"Always find it mind blowing. We could all be living under a giant thumbnail for all we know!"

"Very good. Didn’t get to see it last year so very pleased, thank you"

"I liked that everything was zoomed in"

Redmoor Academy
Dec 2015

Written comments received after 90 Year 5 students enjoyed a 5m digital planetarium experience with the 2-in-1 PerformancePrincipia ISS visuals and the immersive film We Are Aliens:

"An absolutely amazing experience for the children. Great new content that really engaged the audience. Even managed to get Tim Peake to like one of our tweets. Amazing! Pupils left happy and enjoyed their time in the dome. Very professional. Can’t wait till next year!" - teacher

"Thank you for such an amazing performance! The whole session was interactive and engaging for the children. The children won’t stop talking about it" - City Year education initiative participant

"An amazing performance by Mario and he made my day and I was really engaged in everything. He taught us from just the talking and the movie" - student

"Thank you. You did a great job explaining everything on the walls. It was awesome" - student

Yardley Primary School
Dec 2015

Teacher feedback after 95 Year 1 students enjoyed a 5m digital dome adventure with the 2-in-1 PerformancePrincipia ISS visuals and the immersive film Space Shapes:

"All the children really loved flying through space and visiting all of the planets. Fun, informative and fitted perfectly with our theme. Thank you"

Penygaer Primary School
Nov 2015

Written feedback from a teacher after 90 Year 5 students enjoyed a 5m digital planetarium experience with the 2-in-1 Performance, Principia ISS visuals and the immersive film Great Planet Adventures:

"The children were amazed! Throughout we could hear gasps and see awe and wonder on their faces. The children really got a lot out of it and it was particularly great that they could answer the questions they'd had! It tied so well with our topic - perfect!"

Alderman Richard Hallam Primary
Nov 2015

Feedback after the entire school of 370 students & teachers (12 classes) enjoyed a 7m digital planetarium experience in a single day, with the 2-in-1 PerformancePrincipia ISS visuals and the 360° films Astronaut, Great Planet Adventures, Little Star That Could and Sunshine:

"Really enjoyable experience informing us and showing our position in space. The astronaut training really showed how they manage and cope with life in space. Even the talkative children were engaged in the experience" - Year 5 teacher

"Fantastic way of showing the children the constellations. The film was very informative and allowed the children to be inspired about space travel and astronauts. We will now change our plans for the rest of the week to build on their enthusiasm" - Year 6 teacher

"I liked how the room made you feel like you were spinning and how the astronaughts showed us things about the space-suit" - student

"I liked it when we learned about the 7 sisters (stars). They are so pretty" - student

"I liked the planetarium because it was round so you could look around all of it" - student

Oakwood Primary School
Nov 2015

Teacher comments after 120 Year 1 & 2 students enjoyed a 6m digital planetarium experience with the 2-in-1 Performance and the immersive films Space Shapes and Great Planet Adventures:

"Thank you so much for your visit. Year 2 loved learning all about the planets and were SO excited to go inside the planetarium!"

"The Year 1 children really enjoyed the experience and learned a lot from the interaction"

"The Reception children were fully engaged and thoroughly loved the experience. It really helped kick start our 'Space Day' and 'Alien Invasion'"

Maney Hill Primary
Sutton Coldfield
Nov 2015

Feedback from staff after the entire school of 450 pupils & teachers (14 classes) enjoyed a 7m digital dome experience in one day with the 2-in-1 Performance and the 360° films We Are AliensSpace Shapes, Earth's Wild Ride and Great Planet Adventures:

"I just wanted to say a huge thank you for your visit last week to Lawford Mead. All the children (and staff!) were really ‘buzzing’ after their viewings and I keep getting told by children how brilliant it was. Definitely surpassed my expectations and re-engaged children with their Science learning. Thanks again" - Science Co-ordinator

"A fascinating film [We Are Aliens] and amazing experience, the children were clearly very excited and engaged. We are planning to write our own “search for life” space-themed adventure stories using the film as inspiration. The film was perfectly pitched for the Year 5 age group. Thank you"

"The Year 1 children thoroughly enjoyed the planetarium and were excited to go in and explore. They loved learning about the size and shape of the planets and stars and found some parts very funny!"

"Really amazing! The children loved it. Thank you"

"Fantastic! The children really enjoyed it. Many thanks"

Lawford Mead Primary School
Chelmsford, Essex
Nov 2015

Comments from teachers and students after experiencing the 6m dome at Alton Towers during World Space Week (click image to enlarge):AT SpaceWeek 2015

"Shows were brilliant
Loved it
Really liked the presenter show
The children were kept engaged for over 1 hour, well done!
Best thing ever
Please come to our school
Excellent surprise to see a planetarium in Alton Towers
I felt like I was floating in space"

World Space Week at Alton Towers
Alton, Staffordshire
Oct 2015

Recorded feedback from students and teachers after experiencing a 6m digital dome:

"I really liked seeing all the constellations
I want this for my room
The children seemed to be blown away
Fantastic experience"

Otford Primary School
Oct 2015

Teacher feedback after 90 Year 1 students enjoyed a 5m digital planetarium adventure with the 2-in-1 Performance and the immersive film Moles (photos available here):

"Fantastic experience in a child-friendly way! Excellent and personable too. Thanks"

"The Year 1 children really enjoyed the experience and visiting all the planets, they felt like they were in space"

Bishops Cleeve Primary Academy
Oct 2015 

Comments from staff after the entire school of 210 students and teachers enjoyed a 7m digital dome experience with the 2-in-1 Performance and the immersive film Solar System Adventure:

"The Year 5 & 6 children were really enthusiastic and enjoyed the experience, particularly flying through Saturn's rings! The animations were all informative and related to the curriculum"

"Year 1 & 2's experience of the dome was informative, well-presented and exciting! The children absolutely loved it! A BIG thank you for aiding the children's learning on this topic which is difficult to understand"

St. Paul's CoE Combined School
Wooburn Green, Buckinghamshire
Oct 2015 

Written comments from staff after the entire school of 460 pupils & teachers enjoyed a 7m digital planetarium experience with the 2-in-1 Performance and the 360° films We Are Aliens, Little Star That Could and Space Shapes:

"The whole experience was amazing! The Year 5 children thoroughly enjoyed every minute. Very visual and stunning graphics. The children learned a lot in an interactive, fun way. Thank you so much"

"Very informative and interesting presentation that was thoroughly enjoyed by staff & Reception children alike. Information on the planets was given in a dazzling way. The presentation inspired many questions at the end. Many thanks"

"The Year 3 children and staff absolutely enjoyed the show which was highly informative and spectacular. The children were very excited as they went in and were buzzing as they came out! A brilliant way of teaching children about the different types of stars and planets. A fantastic experience. Thank you so much"

"The Year 2 children were very excited and thoroughly enjoyed the experience. They learned a lot about the Moon, constellations and much more. It was a fantastic way to learn about space and the Moon’s cycle. Thanks"

St. Mary's CE Primary School
Finchley, London
Oct 2015

Recorded feedback from students after experiencing a 6m digital dome:

"It was interesting and pretty
It was amazing
It felt really comfortable inside
I want to live inside the planetarium
I really enjoyed looking at all the stars
I would love to do it again
It was awesome, I learned so many new things
It was amazing, how everything zoomed into detail. The galaxies & planets looked stunning
Best show ever, want to do it again
It was great and better than any cinema ever
I want it on my ceiling when I go to sleep"

Marlcliffe Primary School
Sep 2015

Written feedback from a teacher after a 4m planetarium visit with the 2-in-1 Performance and the digital dome film Space Shapes:

"The whole school really enjoyed the visit. It was an excellent way to start the topic. A very visual, interactive and informative presentation. I would highly recommend this for every school doing a space topic. Mario really knows his stuff and made it very engaging for all the pupils. Brilliant, thank you so much!"

St Mary & St Peter's CE Primary
Sep 2015

Year 2 teacher comments after a 5m dome visit with the 2-in-1 Performance and the immersive film Moles:

"The children thoroughly enjoyed your visit. Such a lovely way to start our topic this term. Lots of great facts which the children understood clearly"

"The children were SO excited and the dome made it really interactive and engaging. A fantastic WOW event. Thank you"

"A big thank you from the year 2 team! The children and the staff thoroughly enjoyed it!"

"An amazing introduction to our 'space' topic. The children were very excited and even going into the dome was amazing for them! Very informative presentation about the planets, answering lots of questions that the class had about space. Lots of gasps throughout, even I was mesmerized! A really visually engaging teaching tool"

Filton Avenue Primary
Sep 2015

Feedback after a 6m dome experience at a 5-day Children's University event:

"What a fantastic introduction to the Children's University. We had a great time learning about space and our solar system today. The planetarium was so exciting and the activities helped us to think about the facts & be creative. Really inspired to learn more about space and to start our Children's University journey alongside starting school! Thank you to the friendly staff”

Norfolk Children's University
Aug 2015

Comments of Summer School attendees after experiencing a 6m digital dome:

"It made me feel like the room was moving
I love the 360 screen
It actually looks like it's coming out at you!
The dome is amazing and is filled with amazing facts
I love that it has 360° vision
The dome was awesome
It was an amazing experience with all around sound and visuals it was very intriguing
I think it was really cool and I learnt a lot"

Huxlow Science College
Aug 2015

The 2-in-1 Performance with the 360° films Dinosaurs at Dusk and Moles proved very popular with library visitors over the summer (click to enlarge):

Walmley 440

Walmley Library
Aug 2015

Words of the Assistant Headteacher after a 5m dome visit with the 2-in-1 Performance and the 360° film Earth's Wild Ride:

"The children at our Summer School were absolutely amazed by the planetarium. There were audible gasps throughout the whole presentation and it prompted them to ask lots of questions about Earth & Space. All of the children were engaged and excited by the visuals and the film and loved the whole experience. Mario and his team were extremely helpful from start to finish"

Mandeville Primary School
Aug 2015 

Feedback from a library manager after hosting 10 visits of the 4m and 5m domes over two years:

"Mario does a fantastic job presenting the educational and entertaining shows at our libraries - often asking those attending what show they would like to see. Feedback from the audience has been very good: "You forget you are actually in a library" "Fantastic event, thanks for telling us about it". The shows are great for children of all ages as well as parents. Mario is also very understanding and has a very flexible approach. I really would recommend him to schools / libraries / private shows and whoever can accommodate one of his domes - go for the biggest one you can!"

Saleem Ayub, Library Manager
Erdington & Hodge Hill Libraries, Birmingham
Aug 2015 

Feedback from participants and organisers of a Summer Camp after experiencing the 5m digital dome and the 2-in-1 Performance with the 360° films Dinosaurs at Dusk, We Are Aliens and The Little Star That Could:

"We had Immersive Theatres at our Summer Camp and the young people were really engaged! It brightened up the camp and had the young people very excited!" - organiser

"Brilliant session, young people really enjoyed and learnt loads of exciting stuff" - organiser

"I think it is amazing and it is mindblowing" - student

"It's very amazing" - student

Dowlais Community Centre Summer Camp
Merthyr Tydfil, Wales
Aug 2015

Year 5 teacher feedback from two primary schools attending the annual Shire Oak Academy  STEM day and experiencing a 6m digital dome with the 2-in-1 Performance  and the 360° film We Are Aliens

Pelsall Village Junior School:

  • "Excellent session on 'alien life'. The children enjoyed the immersive experience. They found it an interesting and fun way of learning about our solar system and exoplanets too!"
  • "Very exciting and engaging experience. Really helped consolidate learnt primary science too!" 

St Michael's Primary School:

  • "Absolutely fantastic, children engaged from start to finish. Very nice opportunity for the children to demonstrate their own knowledge too"
  • "Very exciting and engaging. I think I learnt as much as the children did. Thank you" 

Shire Oak Academy
Walsall, West Midlands
Jul 2015 


 Year 7-10 teacher comments after a two-day 7m digital dome visit featuring the 2-in-1 Performance with the immersive film Dynamic EarthClick to enlarge image.

"Fantastic film and look at the night sky. As a geography teacher the film on climate change was so informative and relevant to the curriculum"

"An excellent film. Fitted brilliantly with our geography work. Fantastic addition of a night sky explanation too, tailoring the session to our school timings. It really felt like we got great value for money" - Curriculum Leader for Geography

Wyvern College, Hampshire, Jul 2015

                                     DynamicEarth small    

Words of Key Stage 2 students after a 6m digital dome visit:

"Awesome, please come back
I learnt so much, thank you!
The star show was so cool
I liked how everything moved around me
I like the mini people (from We Are Aliens)"

Hobbs Hill Wood Primary
Jul 2015

Media coverage and Year 7-10 teacher comments after a two-day 7m digital dome visit featuring the 2-in-1 Performance with the films Scientific AlphabetMUSICAClimate ChangeWe Are AliensJourney to Infinity and Solar Quest. Click to enlarge images.

Cleeve small    Untitled

"A very informative session on climate change, thank you."

"Year 9 thoroughly enjoyed the session, I think they'll all be looking for Saturn later!"

"Thank you! This was a lovely experience"

"Excellent. Very insightful"

"Wonderful and really informative, loved it"

Cleeve School
Jul 2015

Words of Year 5 & 6 students after a 6m digital dome visit:

"My favorite part was when it felt like you were falling
It was amazing
It was really fun, I really enjoyed the show
It was absolutely great, fantastic and very factual
It felt you were moving. The whole thing was awesome!
Everything was fantastic. I loved it all especially the part where you feel like you were spinning
I enjoyed learning and watching 'life in space'. It was brilliant
It was really fun
I liked the bit where it felt like I was on a rollercoaster"

The Gates Primary School
Jul 2015 

Teacher feedback after a 6m digital planetarium visit with the 2-in-1 Performance and the 360° film Night of the Titanic

"Great - children loved the whole sensation of having the objects moving around them; allowed them to immerse themselves in the experience"

"The children really enjoyed this fantastic experience. It was fun and educational. Would definitely recommend to others. Thank you"

"Amazing experience. Thank you for sharing it with us. Really enjoyed the space films"

"Great experience and effects. P6/7 really enjoyed it"

Stanley Primary School
Perth, Scotland
Jun 2015

Written feedback from teachers after a 7m dome visit with the 2-in-1 Performance and the films Space ShapesLittle Star That Could and We Are Aliens:

 LAc1 500LAc2 500

Lowbrook Academy, Maidenhead, Jun 2015 

Feedback from students visiting a 6m digital dome at the 2015 Big Bang Fair West Midlands:

"I loved it
Very weird but cool
I did not know that I like space!
Very good
I really liked it, was amazing star rating!
It was amazing and very interesting
I thought it was amazing how our solar system works
It was amazing, I really enjoyed it like you are really in space
Cool, I thought it was so awesome that I did not want to spend another day on Earth
It was like seeing magic. I really liked it thank you
Fantastically celestial!"

The Big Bang Fair West Midlands
Jun 2015

Teacher comments after a 7m dome visit with the 2-in-1 Performance and the films Space Shapes, MolesLittle Star That Could and We Are Aliens:

"A great experience - the children were mesmerised and fully engaged. It brought the solar system to life"

"A fantastic show. A fun and interactive way to learn about different planets. All of the children thoroughly enjoyed it and were able to recall lots of facts. I would highly recommend the planetarium to other schools!" - Science Co-ordinator

Webheath First School Academy
Jun 2015

Comments after a 6m digital planetarium visit at the 2015 Big Bang Fair East Midlands:

"It was really fun and made me feel like I was really there in space
It was so realistic and fun
Really interesting and enjoyable
Looks so real
The show was excellent and there was lots of knowledge and really cool effects
Great - informative
It was amazing
I love love love it
It was so great. It taught me so much about space and the world
I think it was amazing because it felt realistic and 3D so it felt like it was coming towards you
I've learned so much"

The Big Bang Fair East Midlands
Jun 2015

Teacher comments after a 6m digital planetarium experience:

"Very informative, appropriate content and presented very well. All learners were delighted and enjoyed the show very much. Great presentation. Thank you"

"Absolutely wonderful. Generated so much excitement and energy. Thank you"

"Enjoyed the show, the children were amazed and engrossed for the whole show, well done"

"Great show and very age appropriate information. Children really enjoyed the learning experience. Thank you"

"As both a parent at the school and responsible for the fundraising committee for the school I wanted to find an activity which would be both educational and entertaining for the children. Immersive Theatres gave us both. We fundraise hard throughout the school year and always want to get value for money. Immersive Theatres was very good value for money, even travelling to Scotland. The service and communication from Immersive Theatres was first class. Both the children and teachers thoroughly enjoyed their time in the dome. Thank you."

Loanhead Primary School
Kilmarnock, Scotland
Jun 2015

Teacher comments after a 7m dome visit with the 2-in-1 Performance and the films Little Star That Could and We Are Aliens:

"Great 45 minutes, well worth the visit. Children really enjoyed it and learned a lot. Thank you."

"A spectacular show - very exciting and inspiring. Lots of current / new research explained. Thank you."

"Before today we had only ever experienced a traditional mobile planetarium. Yet after seeing the astounding graphics and powerful learning potential of fulldome, we will only be booking digital planetariums in the future"

Barclay Primary School
Jun 2015

Letters received from two Year 3 classes that enjoyed a bumper Two-in-one Show with Back to the Moon for Good, We Are Aliens and Dinosaurs at Dusk (the first audience in the UK to see the full-length 45min version):

"Dear Mario, Thank you very much for coming to Thomas Coram with the Planetarium. When we walked in we felt a bit nervous, but once the roof opened we were excited. It felt like we were in space. We thought it amazing because we got to see all the planets and learn about space and dinosaurs. Thanks for telling us lots of information. Our favourite part was Dinosaurs at Dusk because we learnt lots of facts about them. Thank you for letting us touch the meteor, we couldn’t believe it was real and know we were so lucky to touch it" - from 3HG.

"Dear Immersive theatres, We are writing to thank you for your recent visit to the Thomas Coram School. We really enjoyed your visit and we learnt a lot. Some of our favourite things to learn about were; about different constellations of the stars such as the saucepan and the question mark, that was the lion, which was called Leo. We also enjoyed seeing the planets and the moon up close and learning about them. We learnt that Mercury wasn’t the hottest planet but Venus and Mercury was made out of solid stone. You showed us that the rings of Saturn were made up of ice and eventually these rings will no longer exist. We also learnt that Venus was the only planet named after a girl. These were just some of the many facts you taught us about space! Another thing that we liked was learning about projects that people are building to go to back to the moon in order to gain the Google Lunar X Prize. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to be the first people to experience Dinosaurs at Dusk. It was a fascinating film and we learnt lots of information about the dinosaurs such as; a meteorite colliding with Earth was what caused the Dinosaurs extinction and there were many natural disasters that occurred after that. As well as that it was interesting to find out that birds are descendents of the dinosaurs. You also taught us about the possibility of life on other planets. It was interesting to discover that we started off as bacteria before Earth is as we know it. After watching this film we believe that there is a possibility of life elsewhere in the universe. Holding the meteorite was thrilling as it was the oldest thing we will ever hold and it came from space! We also thought it was a lot heavier than it looked. Thank you again for your wonderful visit to our school. We had a lovely morning and we would love to experience Immersive Theatres again. We hope you had a lovely time at our school. Yours faithfully, 3TG"

Thomas Coram Church of England School
Berkhamsted, Hertfordshire
May 2015

Teacher comments after a 7m dome visit with the 2-in-1 Performance and the films Moles, Little Star That Could and Fantasy Worlds:

"Absolutely fantastic! We all learnt so much in an engaging way. I’ll be recommending this to all my teacher friends" - School Improvement Leader

"Year 5 had a wonderful, exciting and inspiring time! Thank you for an excellent presentation"

"Really fantastic show, very engaging and of interest to the children"

Glebe Primary School
Apr 2015

Feedback from students of a special school after experiencing the 2-in-1 Performance with the films Little Star That Could and Great Planet Adventures:

"The best part was skiing in the sky"

"I liked learning about gravity on the different planets"

"I learnt that there are more moons in our Solar System"

"I really enjoyed it and wanted to do it again"

Northern House School
Apr 2015

From a school for pupils with a range of moderate and severe learning difficulties, after a 5m dome visit with the Two-in-one Show and the films Little Star That CouldWe Are Aliens and Great Planet Adventures:

"A great sensory experienceThe children really enjoyed the graphics and how it moved. 'It was 3D'. 'I felt like I was there!'"

"Thank you for yesterday the children were all really positive about their experience"

"We really enjoyed the whole experience. The children said it was 'awesome!' Amazing graphics and very memorable and fun too"

Pitcheroak School
Redditch, Worcestershire
Apr 2015

"Thank you so much - the children and staff had a wonderful time!- teacher, Grosvenor Park Primary School, LancashireApr 2015

"The children absolutely loved your planetarium and we will be booking again- teacher, Northfield St Nicholas Primary School, Suffolk, Apr 2015

"Thank you, it was an excellent day and I heard lots of children say 'wow' when they saw the dome! This was an excellent finale to our topic and we all learnt a lot from the presenter-led star show, myself included!" - Year 5 teacher, Worfield Endowed CE Primary School, Bridgnorth, Shropshire, Apr 2015

Comments from teachers after the 2-in-1 Performance with the films Little Star That Could and Earth's Wild Ride in the 7m dome:

"The children loved their visit to the dome. They were so excited and fully engaged throughout. They have come back to class full of questions and ideas. They wrote a fantastic piece of writing based on their experience"

"The Year 3 children were completely engrossed in the whole experience. The visuals were captivating and the film informative. They loved it!!"

"The children in Reception really enjoyed the experience. The video / film was a great way of introducing the ‘space’ theme for science week"

St Bernadette’s Primary School
Mar 2015

Teacher comments after the 2-in-1 Performance in the 7m dome with the films MolesWe Are Aliens and Climate Change:

"The children were enthralled to look at the stars and the planets. You could tell by their excitement that they were really enjoying the show. The content really consolidated work that we have completed in class. Thank you"

"Super overall experience and show, thank you"

Warwick Preparatory School
Mar 2015

Teacher feedback after the 2-in-1 Performance with the films MolesJourney to Infinity and We Are Aliens in the 7m dome:

"An amazing experience for the children. Images of stars and planets made the experience so realistic"

"Excellent opening to the visit, the children really enjoyed the whole experience. It links in really well with our science week challenges in class. Thank you, super visit"

"A great experience for the children. Extremely realistic and informative video"

Plascrug Primary School
Aberystwyth, Wales
Mar 2015

Responses after a 7m dome experience with the 2-in-1 Performance and the films Cell! Cell! Cell! and Journey to Infinity:

"A great experience for the students - thoroughly enjoyed" - teacher

"Thank you so much for letting us in there. I have learnt so much from that. I had fun" - student

"It was an amazing educational experience and helped me learn a lot more in a very interesting, fun format" - student

Christopher Whitehead Language College
Mar 2015

Teacher comments after the 2-in-1 Performance in the 7m dome with the films MolesSolar System Adventure, Journey to InfinityPerseus & Andromeda and Earth's Wild Ride:

"It was amazing! We loved finding out about the Milky Way"

"We really enjoyed the experience! The video was good, very age appropriate"

My Year 1 class loved the experience! So much fun and lots of fun facts! Brilliant"

Harriers Banbury Academy
Mar 2015

Feedback after the Two-in-one Show in the 7m dome with the films Space Shapes, Solar System AdventureGreat Planet Adventures and Natural Selection:

"An incredible experience which the children thoroughly loved. The graphics were amazing and the film regarding Natural Selection the best I've seen" - Head Teacher

"Just wanted to say a big thank you from all of us at a Our Lady and St Philip Neri. We really enjoyed our Planetarium experiences! We would really like to book again for next year too. Please let us know when you have diary space for Feb / Mar 2016. Thanks again"

"The children had an 'awesome' time in the true sense of the word. A wonderful experience they will talk about for a long time and remember in years to come. Both interesting, visually engaging and pitched at just the right level"

Our Lady & St Philip Neri Primary
Sydenham, London
Mar 2015 

Written feedback from teachers after the entire school (480 students, Reception to Year 6) enjoyed the 7m dome and the Two-in-one Show with Moles, Earth's Wild Ride and Journey To Infinity:

"Enjoyed by all the children, especially the space, planets and volcano parts. Enjoyed the feeling that they were moving with the lava, etc"

"FANTASTIC. INFORMATIVE. ENJOYABLE. Links in with the topic. Children loved every minute of it. Booking this every year would be great"

"Great experience for the children. They all loved it. Impressive equipment. A great introduction to Year 5's Earth & Space topic. Thank you"

Davidson Primary School
Croydon, London
Mar 2015

450 LR2 500

Lent Rise Combined School, Burnham, Buckinghamshire, Mar 2015 

AltonTowers2015 450Comments from teachers and students after experiencing the 6m dome at Alton Towers during British Science Week (click on image to enlarge):

"I liked all of it"   
"Thank you for the show. Lots of things covered that we are currently looking at school!"   
"Thanks, nice one, keep it going"  
I thought the whole room was moving"
"Fantastic, the children loved it, what a nice use of the theme park"
"Wow, brilliant presentation, learnt so many new things!"

National Science Week at Alton Towers
Alton, Staffordshire
Mar 2015

Primary teacher feedback after three Two-in-one Show performances in the 7m dome with Little Star That Could and Great Planet Adventures:

"A great experience, all of the Year 3 children loved it. The children came back saying 'it felt like we were in space'"

"The Year 1 children loved it. Lots of positive feedback, all would like the experience again"

"Year 4 children really enjoyed the experience. When asked if they had learnt anything new the children were animated and knowledgeable about the things they had learnt"

Berry Hill Primary
Coleford, Gloucestershire
Mar 2015

Words of secondary school teachers after a 7m digital dome visit covering the life cycle of stars and the Solar System, together with the films Journey to Infinity and Chronicle of a Journey to Earth:

"Brilliant presentation, very informative and educational. The Year 10 & 11 students will definitely find it very valuable for their GCSE"

"Wonderful visuals, very inspiring and made clear how beautiful science can be"

"The Year 10s & 12s had a fantastic time. Completely awe-inspiring"

"The Year 8s really enjoyed their time in the planetarium. The presentation was very engaging and educational. Thanks very much!"

"It was a big help for Y11 students preparing for their GCSE examinations to be able to visualise stars"

Harris Academy Peckham
Mar 2015 

Comments from visitors who experienced the 6m dome at a STEM Imagineer event (video here):

"The planetarium was fantastic"   "I want this for my birthday!"   "Great teaching tool"   "Amazing visuals and music"   "Epic, thought I was in space"   "Better than my cinema!"   "So comfy, could have slept inside under the stars for ages!"

Middlesborough College
Teesside, North Yorkshire
Mar 2015

Comments from a member of staff of a special needs group after a 6m digital dome visit which included KS2 Night Sky, Perseus & Andromeda and various Fulldome Fragments:

"We enjoyed the planetarium with a group of children with special needs and disabilities. They were engaged and thoroughly enjoyed the experience, which was both fun and educational. We would recommend the experience to all"

Let Us Play
Feb 2015

Feedback from leaders of Beaver, Cub and Scout groups after digital planetarium experiences in the 4m dome with the Two-in-one Show and immersive films Journey to Infinity and We Are Aliens

"An excellent presentation! Tailored perfectly for kids in Cubs & Scouts. Informative without appearing to teach! Quiet kids are interested kids. Thank you"

"A great presentation that the Beavers (ages 6-8yrs) really enjoyed. They learnt so much and it reinforced the stuff they have been learning for their space badge. Many thanks"

"A really good presentation which was exciting for the Beavers, Cubs & Scouts. The presentation taught us a lot and helped the children get a bigger and clearer idea of what is happening in our Solar System. PS. the leaders loved it too"

1st Sibfords Scout Group
Feb 2015

Year 5 & 6 teacher and student comments after a 5m planetarium experience with the Two-in-one Show and Great Planet Adventures immersive film: 

"Thank you so much for a fantastic presentation. A great opportunity for our upper junior pupils" - teacher

"It was an amazing experience and much, much better than a cinema" - student

"It was awesome! I definitly want to do it again. I rate it 1000/1000 for your excellent presentation" - student

"We didn't just watch, we also got to touch something really old. It felt like we were actually in space- student

"It was the best school treat ever- student

Charlton Primary School
West Berkshire
Feb 2015

Words of a Year 5 teacher who booked our 5m digital planetarium: 

"A fantastic opportunity for our children to see and experience the delights of the Solar System. A very cost-effective method of developing children's knowledge, linked to curriculum objectives. Thank you for taking us into space!"

Stoke Park Junior School
Feb 2015

CVJS1 400Year 5 & 6 teacher feedback after a 5m digital dome visit: 

"Pupils loved the experience. Very informative. Much better than the previous planetarium visit at my last school. Exciting to hold the meteorite. Pupils said it was 'awesome'"

"Really well presented and informative. Pupils enjoyed it and were engaged throughout despite some being of a short attention span! As a teacher I enjoyed it and felt that the children's knowledge has definitely moved forward"

"Children really enjoyed it and they felt they learnt something. They said it was very realistic and helped them understand better"

Churchdown Village Junior School
Feb 2015 

Year 4 teacher comments after a 6m planetarium experience with the Two-in-one Show and Great Planet Adventures immersive film: 

"A super morning which has fascinated and enthralled all the learners in our class. The awe and wonder rating was definitely 5 out of 5. Thank you so much."

"The children were completely engaged - a really valuable experience. They are incredibly curious and want to find out more!"

"A fascinating experience. The children thoroughly enjoyed it. I've definitely got some children very eager to become astronauts"

Manor Field Junior School
Feb 2015 

Primary teacher comments after a 6m digital planetarium visit: 

"The presentation was perfect for a Yr1 class, to introduce the children to the sky at night. It will also allow for plenty of interesting follow up activities"

Beacon Academy
Loughborough, Leicestershire
Jan 2015

Year 6 teacher feedback after a 5m digital planetarium experience: 

"What a fantastic experience! All the girls thoroughly enjoyed this visual spectacle. This was both entertaining and informative which has given us real food for thought. I think a 'space' assembly is now on the agenda"

"A superb fully immersive digital environment which makes learning about astronomy a great deal of fun. Top marks!"

Edgbaston High Preparatory School for Girls
Jan 2015 

ILP 450Comments from Year 4 teachers and students after a 5m digital dome visit: 

"I have not heard so many 'WOWs' at the start of a lesson! They all now want to be astronauts or work in the space industry!"  [teacher] 

"The best thing I have ever visited!"

"My favourite part was holding the meteorite"

"I would probably say it was A-M-A-Z-I-N-G" 

"I loved going into space it was the best trip ever" 

Ivy Lane Primary School
Chippenham, Wiltshire
Jan 2015 

Primary school feedback after experiencing a 6m digital planetarium: 

"The children had a wonderful time, thank you. Fantastic experience, see you again soon!"

Otford Primary School
Otford, Kent
Jan 2015

Written feedback from the principal and three teachers of an Ofsted 'Outstanding' (2013) school providing for pupils with physical disabilities and learning difficulties. A total of 45 students (including 25 wheelchair users) enjoyed five sessions in the large 7m dome. To save time, wheelchair users were given access by lifting the side of the dome (quicker than using the accessible airlock doorway): 

"This really provided the WOW factor for all our pupils and an excellent start to our thematic work. It was very suitable for pupils with a wide range of abilities. A bonus that the dome was able to accommodate pupils in wheelchairs. The day represented superb value for money. Thank you" - J. B., Principal

"A great experience with fantastic cinematography [comment on the film Natural Selection] makes for a very immersive experience. Good for staff and students alike"

"It was wonderful watching the responses and reactions of the pupils, some of whom showed more enjoyment and interaction than I'd seen before. Excellent learning experiences!"

"Shows about space were informative and the Cell! Cell! Cell! show was really good to consolidate the learning of the GCSE group"

Ash Field Academy
Jan 2015

Primary teacher comments after a 6m digital dome visit: 

"A great experience aimed at the children. They were enthralled from start to finish - absolutely brilliant. Children really enjoyed the experience, thank you"

Western Road Community Primary School
Lewes, East Sussex
Jan 2015

ShrewtonRocketCrashPrimary teacher comments after a 7m digital planetarium visit as part of a special 'Rocket Crash' space activity day:

"Wow! What a fantastic learning opportunity for the children. 'Epic' and 'Awesome' were just some of the comments. Mario is so knowledgable and completely brought this topic to life. Thank you!"

"A wonderful experience to consolidate our learning about the planets. A great experience! Thank you :-)"

"A fantastic experience, the children were mesmerised. Mario is so knowledgeable. A memorable and brilliant experience. Thank you" 

Shrewton C of E Primary School
Shrewton, Wiltshire
Jan 2015

Primary teacher comments after a 7m digital dome visit: 

"A wonderful and exciting experience enjoyed by children and adults! Very informative and inspirational for our termly focus. Thank you!"

"Wow, what a wonderful way to bring the information to life! The children really enjoyed it and I was amazed by some of their knowledge (as they shared with friends throughout the presentation). Fascinating! Thank you

"Brilliant! So interesting to get a real feeling of what being up in space is like and to look at the planets close up was amazing. Thank you!"

Brixham C of E Primary School
Brixham, Devon
Jan 2015


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  • ASE Domes
  • NSC Creative
  • Discovery Dome
  • Go-Dome
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  • Spitz Inc
  • LivinGlobe
  • DJ Food
  • Lucid TV
  • Starlight Productions
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  • VJ Chaotic
  • Fractal Foundation
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  • Adam Majorosi
  • Animonautes
  • Fulldome Factory
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  • Dutch Tilt Studios
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