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W2W 500World 2 War

An educational experience like no other. The world's first 360° documentary about the Second World War - accompanied by a trip back in time in the planetarium to see what was in the night sky during The Battle of Britain and The Blitz.

Place your students right at the centre of one of the most momentous periods of history with this unforgettable overview of World War II. Travelling back in time to a British city of your choice will add an extra dimension of realism and understanding to your pupils' appreciation of those events.

The historically accurate immersive film combines cinematically re-created political events & battle scenes with original film and photographic references. The horrors of the conflict are implied but never shown - making this film suitable for upper KS2 and older.

Available as a full-length 42min film, or condensed 29min version. Full preview and trailer below, and complete narrative script available here.

PLEASE NOTE: the film includes 30 seconds of non-extreme images of concentration camps (between 34:45-35:15 in the preview below).

Film Type

Length: 29min & 42min 
Upper KS2-KS5  /  Adults

"We learned in the introduction about the planets visible in the sky above Newport on the nights of the bombings. This was new information we've never taught before as part of our topic. The children were fully engaged and excited. Mario was very knowledgable and calming throughout what can be a sensitive topic. Highly recommended!" - St Julian's Primary, Newport, Wales, Jan 2024

"Thank you for such a wonderful experience! It was the highlight of the children's WW2 Day. The children found the video to be extremely informative. They described it as a 3D movie experience and they loved the layout of the dome. The hour went by so quickly, and we would all love to do it again!" - Reigate Priory Junior School, Nov 2023




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