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Travellers of Light

Travellers of Light

Prominent figures from scientific history, such as Alhazen, Albert Einstein, James Maxwell, and various female astronomers of Harvard University, come together in a fictional tale where they narrate and re-enact the pivotal moments and theories surrounding the nature of light.

Travellers of Light is a documentary that traces the progression of theories about light, interwoven with the stories of the leading scientists associated with the topic.

Blending elements of fiction with fulldome (360°) techniques, experts from various research institutions created this show to lead viewers on a historical exploration of the significant landmarks in the study of light.

Chapter 1: On the Shoulders of Giants
Chapter 2: Dual Nature
Chapter 3: Flying Among Lights

Note: this is a Spanish production dubbed into English, so it includes a few scenes with incidental text in Spanish.

Preview the entire film below.

Film Type

KS3-KS5  /  Adults
Length: 26min

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