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The Race to Earth

The Race to Earth

Two rival tribes live on the Moon, the Gaslunians and the Karlunians.

Queen Gasoline (of the Gaslunians) wishes to understand why the Earth, stationary in the sky above her kingdom, never falls down to the Moon. She entrusts her chief scientist, Gasogene, with the task of designing a rocket to carry a Gaslunian to the Earth.

On learning about this, Emperor Karfurax (of the Karlunians) vows to ensure the first selenite (inhabitant of the Moon) to reach Earth will be a Karlunian, not a Gaslunian. He orders his chief scientist, Karboxyle, to deliver this victory, upon which the honour of the Karlunian nation depends.

In the ensuing fierce 'Space Race', the rivals discover the laws of universal gravitation and deduce the basic principles of space travel.

An educational comedy filled with scientific facts and physics principles.

Preview the entire film below, and download the narrative script here.

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Length: 30min
KS3 - KS5  /  Adults 

Also available in French, Italian, Korean, Russian, Spanish.

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