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Ambient Fulldome Art

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Ambient Fulldome Art

Spellbinding 360° art by renowned fulldome artist Fusako Baba (Japan). Fusako has been creating enthralling immersive art for over 20 years, with her work regularly showcased at fulldome festivals around the world.

Immersing oneself in the stunning beauty of Aurora Night (2.5min) is akin to bathing in the vibrant hues of celestial dance, invoking awe and tranquillity. The Flower of Afterimage (10.5min) captivates with its translucent colours, leaving an indelible impression on the canvas of the mind.

The enchanting serenity of Hidden Garden (7min) beckons one to an intimate exploration of nature's concealed splendour. With One Night's Story (5min), a seasonal Christmas narrative unfolds, brilliantly contrasting darkness and illumination.

In the Moment comes in two shades, Violet (3min) and White (4min); both resonating with the essence of existence, vivid snapshots of fleeting time frozen into eternal beauty.

Sakura Road (1.5min) paints a splendid journey through a tunnel of cherry blossoms, whispering the transient, yet enduring elegance of life's seasons. Finally, regarding Silkrodia (4.5min), Fusako says "If I travelled along the Silk Road, I might have a dream like this".

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Music / Art
All ages
Duration: 3 - 40min




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