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Star of Bethlehem


Star of Bethlehem

A science-based 360˚ film that takes us back to the ancient town of Bethlehem to examine possible explanations for the so-called 'star' that allegedly guided the 'wise men'.

The film presents cultural, historical and scientific facts to help unravel this 2,000 year-old mystery. In the process we discover fascinating things about celestial phenomena both past and present.

Accompanied by well-known Christmas music, the narration guides us through the historical, astronomical and culturally popular events surrounding the Christmas story.

We learn details about our modern-day calendar and encounter other relevant information as we are encouraged to draw our own conclusions on the nature of this 'star of wonder'.

Preview the entire film below and download the narrative script with images here.

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Length: 22min
KS3-KS5  /  Families  /  Adults

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