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Pop Culture Astronomy (KS2 - KS5)


Pop Culture Astronomy

Presenter-led description of the current night sky, ability-appropriate with interaction and questions, focussing on astronomy references found in Harry Potter, Dr Who, Star Trek, Marvel Comics, Game of Thrones, etc.

For example, did you know the Harry Potter character Sirius Black (who can transform into a dog) is named after Sirius the 'Dog Star', a double-star system that appears as the brightest star in the night sky? 

Sirius B, the dim companion star of the Sirius binary system, is a dense white dwarf star. In Dr Who, Dwarf Star Alloy is extremely dense and very valuable, being the only known material capable of imprisoning time-travelling species. 

Planets orbiting Sirius feature in two Marvel Comics (1966 & 1990), including planet Yormot (home of the Siris) and Sirius III and IV (home planets of the Sirians, who live under a dictatorial government).

Show Type

Presenter-led, with curriculum links wherever possible. Adaptable for KS2 - KS5. 

Note: only 10-15min long (depending on audience participation), to be followed by an immersive film of your choice from our extensive catalogue.

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