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Perseus & Andromeda

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Perseus & Andromeda

An ancient, classic story from a time before electricity, television and computers. When the sky was filled with thrilling tales, and the stars provided evening entertainment for all.

Narrated by Aesop the owl and Socrates the mouse, Perseus & Andromeda is a fun-filled re-telling of the story of the beautiful - but unfortunate - princess Andromeda, who in divine punishment for her mother’s bragging, is sacrificed to a sea monster and rescued by the Greek hero Perseus.

PLEASE NOTE:  occasionally young children find parts of this immersive film frightening. Please preview the entire film below to ensure you are happy with the content for your students.

Download the show script and colouring book.

Full preview below.

Film Type

Length: 17min
KS2 - KS3  /  Families 

Also available in French, Mandarin and Spanish (Mexico & Latin America)



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