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One Sky Project

One Sky Project

One Sky Project

One Sky Project is an international collaboration focused on increasing understanding about cultural and indigenous astronomy, its historical and modern applications, and how our One Sky connects us all.

The six short films (6-7min) can be enjoyed on their own, or together as one film (43min).

⦿ The Forge of Artemis - in ancient Greece, Orion was a mighty and not particularly popular hunter, yet his constellation shines brightly - a familiar shape to people around the world. Why did the goddess Artemis immortalise him in the sky?

⦿ Thunderbird - the sky is a powerful tool for measuring time, and for the Diné, or Navajo people, the Thunderbird transcends space and time; revealing the passage of seasons and connecting earth and sky.

⦿ Jai Singh’s Dream - amid the political chaos of 18th-century India, a great ruler brought the order of the skies down to Earth. His giant instruments allowed for precise measurements of stars, planets and the passage of time - and his observatories still stand today.

⦿ Celestial Canoe - the First People of what is now northern Canada watched the slow turn of a canoe in the sky - mirroring the change of seasons on land. This celestial canoe guided them through a particularly challenging part of the year.

⦿ The Samurai and the Stars - for many, the stars offer solace and comfort. For our Japanese narrator, images in the sky - even the colours of the stars - bring back memories of music, history and childhood.

⦿ Wayfinders - hear from a Hawaiian navigator as she describes how the sky provides a compass and calendar for the oceanic people whose voyages connected islands throughout the Pacific Ocean.

Preview all six short films below.

Film Type

Upper KS2 - KS5  / Adults
Length: 6-7min each

 The Forge of Artemis (6min)



Thunderbird (7min)



Jai Singh’s Dream (7min)



 Celestial Canoe (7min)



The Samurai and the Stars (6min)



Wayfinders (7min)

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