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Snippets of immersive inspiration.

We regularly use powerful 360° visuals like the ones below to answer questions in the presenter-led & interactive components of our performances.

"A mind stretched by new ideas never returns to the same shape" - Ralph Waldo Emerson

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GEOLOGICAL TIME FUNNEL - an elevating immersive journey across eons of geological time.


MARS WITH WATER - artist’s impression of what the young Red Planet may have looked like four billion years ago, before the effects of climate change.



CUPOLA EARTH - travel over planet Earth inside the viewing compartment of the International Space Station.

 Cupola 500



ANCIENT TEMPLE - stunning 360° time-lapse of white clouds swirling in a brilliant blue sky above an ancient Mayan temple.

 Aztec 500


GALAXY COLLISION - supercomputer simulation of two spiral galaxies colliding. As one slices through the other, gravitational forces produce long tails of material streaming away from the collision. The central regions eventually fall together and the galaxies merge into one. Yet due to the immense distances between the stars, one hardly touches another throughout the entire process lasting millions of years.

Collision 500



PINE FOREST SUNSET - beautiful immersive timelapse of the Sun setting in a pine forest, colouring the clouds with various shades of orange.

Forest 500



DNA FLY-THROUGH - a dramatic 360° journey through the DNA double helix.



FINAL FLIGHT - series of 360° photos of STS-135 Atlantis, the final mission of the Space Shuttle programme.

Shuttle 500 

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