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From Dream to Discovery

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From Dream to Discovery: Inside NASA

When we dare to dream, we create truly amazing things.

Join NASA's engineers as they design, test and launch some of the most exciting modern missions into space. Witness the enormity of the new James Webb Space Telescope, the intensity of Goddard Space Flight Center's testing facilities and the excitement of the New Horizons mission to Pluto.

From blueprint to blastoff, experience how unmanned space flight is pushing the frontiers of human exploration to the very edges of the Universe!

Preview the 24min film below.

Educator Guides available: Gravity and Space Travel  Infrared Astronomy  Waves and Information Transfer  Fixing the Hubble Space Telescope  About the Show

Specific James Webb Space Telescope resources and activities available here, and a treasure trove of related information here.

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Upper KS2 - KS5  /  Adults
Length: 24min and 30min

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