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Eyes on Island Earth

Eyes on Island Earth

Today fleets of satellites observe the Earth in great detail. The oceans, the atmosphere, geological activity and the biosphere. All aspects of our planet are measured, recorded and scrutinised.

Why do we do this? How does this research benefit us, and how does it benefit our planet?

This outstanding and highly accessible film brings a potentially dull subject very much to life.

You will meet CAT (the Cloud-Aerosol Transport System), one of the Earth observing satellites attached to the International Space Station; and share in her exciting discussion with Dr Jon Goto, a scientist in Honolulu, Hawaii.

Utilising the traditional Hawaiian concept of ahupua'a (responsible management of the full range of island ecosystems from mountain to ocean), the fragility of our planet - as an island in Space - is addressed.

Preview the entire film below (in two parts).

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Length: 11miin & 9min
KS3 - KS5  /  Adults


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