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Cell! Cell! Cell!


Cell! Cell! Cell!

You consist of between 70-100 thousand thousand million living cells (70-100 trillion). They work. They talk. They think. They are what makes you alive and this is the story of how they do it.

Join Sooki and Raj on an adventure to explore the human body as they use a series of fantastic instruments to peer inside complex living cells.

Dive with them into the busy, complex world of living cells, see microscopic ‘alien trees’ and 'wriggling slugs’ as they move across the giant 360˚screen. Uncover the mystery of DNA and discover how we all began as a single, tiny cell.

PLEASE NOTE: includes animated scenes of sperm-egg fertilisation (from 10:10-11:45 min) and foetal development (from 12:30-17:40 min). You can preview the film here.

Film Type

KS 3-5   /   Adults
Length: 25min

Also available in: Finnish, Russian and Swedish

Full preview available here and trailer below.


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