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5000 Eyes : Mapping the Universe with DESI

5000 Eyes : Mapping the Universe with DESI

Travel back in time through some of the largest structures in the Universe.

The Dark Energy Spectroscopic Instrument (DESI) is creating the most detailed map yet of our nearby Universe, using a unique instrument that can measure the spectra of 5,000 galaxies at once, every 10 minutes.

Dive into modern cosmology, plus the scientific background and motivation for building such a large map of the galaxies around us.

Take a trip to Kitt Peak, Arizona, to see this astounding new telescope in action; and meet some of the amazing people from around the world making such groundbreaking research possible.

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Film Type

Length: 21min
Upper KS2 -
KS5  /   Adults

Also available in French, Mandarin and Spanish




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