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Popular combination: presenter-led show + 360˚ film

Treat your students to the best of both worlds* (available with all performances):

  • a presenter-led introduction to the current night sky, ability-appropriate with interaction and questions; including a brief visit to various planets selected by the audience and / or a 3D visit to the International Space Station.
  • followed by an immersive 360˚ film of your choice from our extensive catalogue.

Total duration: flexible between 30-45min

Combo 720

*Why is a 2-in1 performance the best of both worlds?

Academic research has discovered the following:

"Physically engaging the audience with the planetarium lesson was attempted by Platco (2005) and Plummer (2009). Both studies wanted to use participation in order to increase the amount of material learned in the lesson. Platco (2005) found that participatory oriented planetarium lessons provided more retention of the material compared to a recorded planetarium show. However, the recorded show proved the better use of time for learning new material in the planetarium"

- p49, The Effects of Seductive Details in an Inflatable Planetarium, Gillette, S. 2013





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