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Customer Feedback 2014

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Email received from teacher after our visit: 

"Hi Mario,
I just wanted to say thank you for Friday and sorry I didn't get to speak to you before you left. It was a fantastic experience for our children, one I'm sure they will never forget. It also provided us with a great starting point for our space topic.
Thanks again,

Shireland Hall Primary Academy
Smethwick, West Midlands
Nov 2014

TIAB2 450
To Infinity and Beyond

A major project funded by the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills to take a digital planetarium experience to 35 of Birmingham's Community Libraries

Between Oct - Dec 2014, 2,863 people (2084 children & 779 adults) were reached in 166 performances at 35 libraries over 27 days.

See numerous photos, read fabulous feedback and find out more about this broadly accessible and innovative project here.

Click on thumbnail to see detailed poster. 


Year 6 and Reception teacher comments: 

"Enjoyed - very education & all good quality"

"Aliens show was very good. Pitched at the right level for year 4, 5 & 6. Very clear good quality film. Presenter had a good knowledge. Really good introduction"

"Excellent! Pitched perfectly + [Reception] children were engaged for the full 45 minutes. Lots of anxiety re darkness but overall children were super. Thanks so much!"

"A million times better than what we had last year!"

Tewin Cowper Primary School
Tewin, Hertfordshire
Oct 2014

Feedback from teachers after a 6m planetarium visit: 

"Suitable for age group (Yr 5)"

"Content fitted current learning"

"Children kept engaged and on task by team member"

"All children encountered new learning and able to discuss what they have seen"

"Thoroughly enjoyable"

"Could have booked a longer session"

Biggin Hill Primary Academy
Oct 2014

Malvern 450Written feedback from teachers & young teenage students on seeing Back to the Moon for Good in the 7m dome at the Malvern Festival of Innovation, Oct 2014:

"Fantastic, an inspiring, disorientating documentary. Well done!"

"I thought that it was amazing and the effects were just Wow!"

"It felt like you were on a rollercoaster and it was very interesting"

"I felt like I was on the Moon, it felt like I was actually there"

"At the end I felt a bit dizzy but I thought the the show was amazing"

Comments from museum visitors during the summer holidays -

Gloucester 400

After seeing the 360˚ film Back to the Moon for Good :

"Brilliant use of the space - interesting subject matter. Kids were mesmerised"

"Felt like I was actually orbiting the Moon. A little travel sick"

"Super! I ducked when the rocket flew over. Enjoyed it lots"

"Very awesome and inspirational!"

"Sooo cool! Feel like we've actually been to the Moon & back"

"Excellent production for young families"

"Good to have a forward-looking theme. So many planetariums have closed, it's great to bring one out to the people"

After experiencing the Two-in-one Show :

"The show was excellent - beautiful and interesting. My 7-year old niece loved it"

"Fabulous my children and I loved every minute. Thank you so much"

"Absolutely magical!"        "Impressive show, thank you"        "Amazing, well worth waiting for"

"Fantastic. The dome really made the event. We've had so many positive comments from families. It has been super!" - museum staff member

Gloucester City Museum
Aug 2014

Written feedback from parents and children visiting a library during the summer holidays:WardEndAug14 400

"Very good! 5/5"

"Really enjoyed the experience it was amazing. Very informative and thought-provoking. Certainly gets the imagination and mind working"

"I enjoyed the tent because I holded the space rock"

"The show was enjoyable and perfect for the family. I say 'great'"

"That reminded us of school. I really enjoyed it thank you"

"Really good, enjoyed it, relaxing and you learn what you have forgotten"

Ward End Library
Aug 2014

The Drum Arts CentreTheDrum 400
Aug 2014

Written comments from visitors:

"Every film should be watched in one of these things"

"I'm very pleased to have held the oldest object on Earth"

"It felt like you were entering a vortex and going somewhere out of this world"

"That was the most fantastic thing ever. A brilliant show and the Google presentation was second to none" (senior citizen)

"Very educational at the beginning and I loved the art at the end"

Sutton Coldfield LibrarySuttonColdfield 400
West Midlands
Aug 2014

Written comments from parents and children at a library:

"Really enjoyed the experience. Very interesting and fun for me and my children. Lovely to see the planets, very realistic!"

"Excellent concept and extremely well done. Charlie (age 4) could have sat there for hours learning about each planet and seeing the images. It was great to have the piece of meteorite for them to hold and touch"

"That was pretty awesome and I really appreciate that you include the latest discoveries into your knowledge base"

Chawson Community First School
Jul 2014

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2014-06-21 08.59.21Some of the written feedback from over 1,000 Brownies and Group Leaders who enjoyed our 5m, 6m and 7m domes at the Brownie Centenary celebrations in Birmingham on the Summer Solstice: 

"The Brownies really enjoyed the show and felt they were in space. A very good way to introduce children to the stars and space"

"The Brownies had such a great time learning about the stars"

"Very good. An interesting presentation covering a lot of ground (space!!)"

"Excellent experience, girls really enjoyed it and we survived the black hole!"

"I loved how it felt like you were actually in space!"

"What a fantastic experience, always enjoyed the stars, more so now"

"I liked it when we went into the black hole"

Girlguiding Birmingham
King Edward VI School for Girls
Jun 2014

Teacher comments after six planetarium sessions with 180 students and 15 teachers: 

"My class were completely overwhelmed by this whole experience - open mouthed and completely in awe! An amazing opportunity and this will inspire lots of learning"

"The kids were fascinated by the experience. Their words: 'awesome!', 'cool', 'especially the black hole'. The pictures were clear and dynamic. Very inspiring for other cross-curricular projects!"

"Absolutely fascinating and really glad we had the experience. Children really enjoyed it."

Whitnash Primary School
Leamington Spa, West Midlands
May 2014

Written feedback from teachers of a SEBD (Social, Emotional & Behavioural Difficulties) secondary school: 

"Kids were obviously engaged. If they didn't like it they would not have stayed."

"On behalf of the students that came to the planetarium, I would like to say thanks for a brilliant experience. Totally captivating and very impressive production."

"The students and staff thoroughly enjoyed the session. It was extremely interactive and engaging and full of interesting facts for the children to learn. Thank you so much for coming."

"Really enjoyed it, fab for both adults and kids. Timing was excellent, 360˚ music video was the best."

Batchwood Secondary School
St Alban's, Hertfordshire
May 2014

Feedback from teachers and students who won one of our free planetarium visits to their school:

"It was great and awesome, just don't have enough words to express. Thank you and come again"

"Visually stunning & giving a sense of everything's place in our galaxy. Would love to see the other presentations, thank you"

"Brilliant" "Awesome" "Amazing" "It was very good" "So cool!" "It was really interesting"

Joseph Chamberlain College
Apr 2014

Feedback from school after a half-day visit consisting of six shows with 10 classes: 

"We thoroughly enjoyed the dome, it suited our course well for KS3 and KS4. All students were fully engaged and wowed in each session. Mario met our needs very well and was flexible. The sessions ran to schedule and it was hassle-free for the staff. The kids learned loads and loved it. Thanks so much for answering all my / our questions before the day and your experience and flexibility was much appreciated. Many thanks again" - Head of Science

St Richard Gwyn High School
Barry, Wales
Apr 2014

Comments from Year 3 teachers: 

"We all thoroughly enjoyed our experience this morning - some quotes from the children include 'mindblowing', 'epic', 'awesome' and 'fantastic'. The children remembered lots of facts including the two untwinkling stars are planets and the stars make pictures in the sky called constellations! 10/10! We're over the Moon!"

"We had an amazing afternoon! It had great links to our topic."

Thomas Coram CoE School
Apr 2014

Written feedback from Year 9 teacher and Year 6 teacher (from an invited transition group): 

"Thoroughly enjoyed by students & staff alike! The students left the dome enthused and full of facts - I would highly recommend Immersive Theatres"

"Wow! A great experience for both staff and children. The children are all filled with fantastic questions now. 10/10 Thank you"

Grace Academy
Apr 2014

Written comments from Reception and Year 1 teachers: 

"What a fantastic experience! Our reception children were enthralled by the whole experience! One child said: "Wow that was amazing!" They recalled lots of facts and were very excited to share what they had just seen. Absolutely brilliant!"

"A fabulous experience. Some children thought they were actually going on a space journey. They remembered what they saw. "The sun went down and down". They were amazed by the stars and remembered about colours and temperatures."

"The children said it was 'amazing' to go inside the dome - "I thought the roof was really opening". It was a fabulous experience for the children and they talked about the different colour stars - which they didn't know about before. Children were very keen to talk about what they had just seen."

William Reynolds Infant & Nursery School
Mar 2014

Written feedback from KS3 teachers of a special needs school:

"Excellent! All students engaged during the programme and many asked questions. Brilliant visual stimulating shots with explanations." 

"Our students were completely mesmerised by the dome. They found it very relaxing. It was great to take part in something so unusual and fabulous."

Alice Stevens School
Mar 2014

Feedback from teachers (including two visiting teachers from India) at a special National Science & Engineering Week school fayre:

"An excellent programme for the children. A very well made film. It will surely interest any child to learn more about the Solar System." - teacher from Kolkata, India


"A brilliant way of teaching the Solar System. As a geography teacher I would give FIVE stars!"teacher from Kolkata, India

"Wow, brilliant. We all learned so much. You made it fun and informative. I'm sure this has inspired the children to think about space. Thank you very much, please come again." - Year 3 teacher

"Fantastic! The children all loved it and was very popular at our Science Fayre. Parents all commented on how great it was. We will be using these again!" - Science Co-ordinator

Alderman Richard Hallam Primary
Mar 2014

Comment from Year 1 teacher:

"Thank you for such an interesting visit to space. The children said they enjoyed looking at the stars and planets. They also enjoyed the story." 

Swing Gate Infant School
Mar 2014

Written feedback from Year 1 teachers of four different schools sharing a digital dome visit:

"Thank you for being the spring board into our new topic of space. The children loved it. In their own words: 'fantastic', 'amazing', 'surprising', 'interesting' and 'superdooper.'"

Ibstone CE Infant SchoolIbstone PrimaryBuckinghamshire
Feb 2014

"So informative & very inspirational. The children were mesmerised. Thank you."

"This was an amazing experience for the children, it brought it to life after finishing our topic on Space. The children had a lot of fun & was very informative. Thank you."

Frieth School
Feb 2014

"We had a fantastic time and this was a great end to our space topic. Thank you.

Mary Towerton School
Feb 2014

"Fantastic resource. Excellent follow-up from space topic. Children said it was: 'interesting', 'fascinating', 'amazing' and 'enthralling'. Thank you."

Radnage Infant School
Feb 2014

Feedback from some of the 200 teachers and students who enjoyed three shows in our giant 7m planetarium from the convenience of their school hall:

"Absolutely fantastic! Very informative and the children were so engaged. Thank you so much!" - Year 4 teacher 

"The children were fascinated and totally absorbed from the moment they walked in. Absolutely terrific, thank you!" - Year 4 teacher

"That was the coolest thing I have ever seen" - student

"A thoroughly enjoyable presentation. Timing is about right - not too long. Children were very excited and learnt a great deal. A practical alternative to visiting an actual 'Planetarium' without planning a trip. Thank you" - Year 5 teacher

"That was very good. No really, that was VERY good!" - student

"A truly inspirational experience, one the children will remember for a long time to come. Engaging and informative - thank you!" - Year 5 teacher

St Catherine's Primary
Feb 2014 

Feedback from a community library visit during February half-term: WardEnd

"Loved it, my kids liked it and I did myself" - 

"Fantastic!! Mario was most accommodating and the feedback from visitors was very positive. Will most definitely be welcome back. Thanks Mario" - library member of staff

"Fantastic show! It was very child friendly" - parent 

"Was very interesting as well as educational. Very good experience. Really enjoyed it" - library member of staff

Ward End Library
Feb 2014

Feedback from two visits to a community library during February half-term:

"David (age 3) was very attentive throughout [40min] which means he obviously enjoyed it" - parent 

"Joshua (age 6) enjoyed the show very much and learned lots about the world and where we come from" - parent1653802 679997622051208 843437029 n

"Madison and Taylor (age 3 & 9) loved it and really enjoyed it" - parent

"I really enjoyed the show. The projections in the dome were visually engaging as well as informative" - 
assistant library manager

"Good show. Interesting facts that kids picked up. As my son said it was 'cool'" - parent 

"Really interesting! And educational" - parent

"Amazing, I feel as though I have travelled to the Moon this afternoon. An all-round sensory experience. Wow!" - library member of staff

Shard End Library
Feb 2014

Comments from teachers and some of the 250+ students (Reception to Year 6) who enjoyed four giant planetarium experiences in the big 7m dome:

"A wonderful educational experience that was informative & visual for all the children of different ages. This was amazing for children & adults. Thank you!" - teacher 

"Very educational and brought Science to life for the children. Would really recommend it!" - teacher

"I liked it because it felt like a ride through space. It was like we were actually turning" -  student

"It was great because every time you zoomed in I felt dizzy" -  student

"It wasfun because of moving through the different planets" -  student

"I liked it because it felt like I was in it" - student

"I enjoyed the fact that the planets looked so realistic and cool. I have learnt all about exo-planets too" - student

Our Lady of Lincoln Primary
Feb 2014

Comment from Year 2 teacher after KS1 Night Sky (Light & Dark) show:

"A very informative session pitched at the correct level for the age of the children. Sufficient information for the class to take in and understand, without being too much. They were enthusiastic and answered the questions well."  

Warwick Preparatory School
Feb 2014

Comments from Year 4-6 teachers and students:

"Thank you very much the children thought it was amazing. They loved the film especially. It was amazing how the projector filled the dome" - teacher 

"I thought it was incredible! It was fun and interesting. By far it was the best lesson EVER!" - student

"I really liked it, it was fabulous. Every thing was very interesting, it was the best lesson in my life" - student

"I felt like I was actually there" - student

"I felt like I was on a real adventure" - student

"I liked it when you zoomed into space" - student

Djanogly Northgate Academy
Feb 2014

Feedback from Early Years & KS1 teachers :

 "A truly amazing experience which was enjoyed by all. The presentation was age appropriate and informative. A fantastic start to our space topic. 'Fantastic' was the feedback from Reception Class. Thank you"

 "A great experience! The children loved it and are so enthusiastic. They want to find out more about 'Space'. Positive comments from our Year 1 class include: 'Great!' 'Brilliant' 'Cool!' and 'Amazing!' Thank you"

"Absolutely fantastic. The Year 2 children got so much learning and really enjoyed the whole experience! 'Awesome', 'Wow', 'Amazing' and 'Brilliant' are just some of the words they used. Thank you so much for an inspiring and wonderful experience"

Thornton Community Primary
Feb 2014

Comments from Year 6 teachers after 45-min sessions that included the night sky, flying across the Solar System, We Are Aliens and handling a fragment of the Barringer Meteorite:

"The pupils were captivated by their experience in the dome. I have already had much positive feedback and interesting questions from the pupils! Many thanks."

"Really enjoyed the experience! A super way to visualise and learn about the possibility of life beyond the Earth. They've just been telling me all about their favourite bits. Thank you!"

Edgbaston Preparatory High School for Girls
Jan 2014

Feedback from a KS1 teacher and her students: 

'Thank you for a fun and informative session. Here are some thoughts from the children at William Reynolds Primary school:

"I liked it when we fell into Jupiter"

"I was a mazed wen I had the old meetarite"

I liked finding owt about the planits"

"I liked the cool star"

"I liked the philm about the sun"

"I liked loking at all the planets"

I licked it when we watched the vidio about the Sun"'

William Reynolds Primary School
Jan 2014

Feedback from KS1 teachers after our special shows about Van Gogh's Starry Night followed by The Little Star That Could :

"The whole experience was fantastic and the information was given in a fun and accessible way. The story was fab! It was a unique and memorable experience for all the children and adults. Thank you very much!"

"Amazing experience, children loved it and were busy talking about all the planets when they came out! Well done Mario!"

"Children thoroughly enjoyed watching and loved seeing planets revolving. Some good child-friendly explanations. Thank you Mario!"

Parnwell Primary
Jan 2014

Comments from visitors attending our BBC Stargazing LIVE planetarium shows at the University of Leicester:

"Excellent presentation and so interesting. I learned more again this year, brilliant"

"Very creative and extremely interesting. Thank you"

"Very informative - really enjoyed the show"

"Wow just looking from the outside they are wonderful. Thanks for inspiring the public at our event" - Lead Organiser

"Very interesting and really enjoyed the videos! Keep up the good work" 

"Very good. Great idea!"                          

University of Leicester
Jan 2014







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